Take My Hand Series Makeover

If you have noticed that the Take My Hand Series has been removed from publication, don’t fear, Dexter, Emily and the rest of the gang will be back early next year!

When I first wrote this series, my first, series, I was a little newbie in this huge book world with no idea what I was doing. I had this great story in my head with little knowledge of how to execute it properly. I had no friends in the industry. I didn’t know the difference between an editor and a beta reader. Still, I worked my not-so-little bum off and created characters I adored, and continue to adore to this day.

However, I’ve grown so much over the last few years (professionally as well as my waistline. I must do something about the latter!). Recently, I revisited Dexter and Emily’s stories and realised, I still love them, but they deserve so much more from me. And so do you, my readers. I’m capable of giving them the world they were created for now, and so that’s what I’m doing!

This isn’t just a quick edit or a case of slapping on some new covers, although there will be new covers. New titles, too. I am giving Dexter and Emily’s, and Rachel and Jared’s, world a complete makeover with lots of new content. But, don’t worry, Percy Penis isn’t going anywhere 😉

Stayed tuned for more information, as and when it develops!

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